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Services at DG Warping

Commission warpers
Direct and sectional warpers
All types of yarn
Direct Creel upto 1270 end

About DG Warping nottingham

DG Warping Ltd started business in 1984 offering a yarn winding (warping) service to the textile manufacturing industry.

The types of yarns we can process are varied and include nylons, polyesters, polypropelenes, cottons and textured yarns all of various thickness (Dtex)

We offer a direct Warping Service upto 1270 ends per beam which is cost effective to the customer if they require large amounts of yarn warping.

We also offer and indirect warping Service where the yarn is wound firstly on to a Sectional Warping Mill then transferred to the relevant beams once the required number of ends is reached.

This cuts down on the number of cones required to an approx minimum of 100 but as this is more time consuming it is at a premimum as opposed to direct warping.